The Wagr tracker comes with an accessory which allows you to attach it to your dog’s collar. Follow the steps below to successfully complete the attachment process:

If the width of the collar is less than 20 mm, you can insert it directly through the holes at the side of the tracker, and skip the remaining steps. Else please use the attachment accessory provided.

Step 1: Insert the horizontal straps of the attachment accessory through the holes at the sides of the tracker. Observe correct orientation below.

Step 2: Fold the horizontal straps over each other so that the accessory is fixed to the tracker by means of the velcro strips.

Step 3: Position the above on top of your dog’s collar and fold the vertical straps over the collar and fix it in place using the velcro strips.

Once you’ve ensured that the tracker has been fastened securely to the collar, put it on your dog.

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